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[Chapter 2388: Finale: The Appointment of Thousand Lanterns]

After beheading Jin Jue, Lin Yun felt relaxed. This ray of karma had been entangled with him for too long.

“By the way, are you being too mean in the Demon Sect?” Xiao Bingfeng said suddenly.

If Jin Jue killed him, he would kill him, but Lin Yun felt extremely domineering to Xiao Bingfeng when he was working in the Demon Sect.

This is completely different from Lin Yun’s usual temperament. After coming out of the magic gate, Xiao Bingfeng had doubts in her heart.

Lin Yun said calmly: “It’s not that I’m being mean, but that you are in the Demon Sect, and you must be tough. Let me ask you, An Liuyan is just a woman who has not yet entered the Emperor’s realm. In her position, how can the Four Great Emperor Realms convince her?”

“The most important thing is that they sent people to help me when the sword master was crossing the catastrophe, but they took the opportunity to ask An Liuyan to promise that they would not see me again. Isn’t this taking advantage of people’s danger?”

“The people in the Demon Sect are afraid of danger and are not virtuous. Blindly giving favors will not have any good results. I know the nature of this group of people very well.”

Since coming to Kunlun, Lin Yun has dealt with many demon cultivators, and the Canyun Star Realm has already learned something.

Xiao Bingfeng said: “So that’s how it is.”

Lin Yun said lightly: “And they are ridiculous. They think that if I get close to An Liuyan, I will take advantage of the trend to control the magic door. This situation is really too small.”

He is kind enough to Demon Sect!

Lin Yun is not a bloodthirsty person, but if he really wants to kill someone, he will never be relentless. He just wounded an emperor as a punishment when he entered the demon sect.

In the following time, Lin Yun traveled around the holy places in the world, communicating or giving lectures on martial arts with the great emperors.

Hidden Sword Villa, Tianlong Temple, Ice and Snow Temple… These immortal holy places were visited by him one by one to testify his understanding of martial arts.

After two months, Lin Yun walked around all the holy places in the world. He gained a lot, and the tenth-grade sword intent became stronger and stronger.

“Where are you going now? Go back to Jianzong or Tiandaozong.”

Xiao Bingfeng knew that Lin Yun was nostalgic, and she would definitely go to these two places before entering the Burial God Mountain Range, to see those old friends again.

“Go to Tianxiang Mountain.”

Lin Yun said calmly.

“Ah? Scumbag, what are you doing!” Xiao Bingfeng realized that this guy must be going to see the Holy Elder Mu Xueling.

Lin Yun smiled wryly and said, “What am I not doing, my lord, as the most mysterious holy place in Kunlun, I will definitely go there.”

“Don’t explain, explaining is covering up, you are going to see Mu Xueling!”

“Bad, really not.”

“It’s strange to believe you!”

No matter how Lin Yun explained, Xiao Bingfeng didn’t believe it.

The fact is indeed the case. After Lin Yun came to Tianxiang Shenshan, the first person he saw was Mu Xueling.

Mu Xueling’s demeanor remained the same, and she was quite happy to see Lin Yun.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “I’ve come to see you.”

There was a flash of light in Mu Xueling’s beautiful eyes, and she immediately said with a smile: “Then I will take Mr. Lin for a walk.”

“Very happy.”

Lin Yun smiled, put the sword box on the mountain peak, and followed Mu Xueling to stroll around Tianxiangshen Mountain.


Xiao Bingfeng was so angry in Ziyuan’s secret realm, she kept beating the sycamore tree and beating the scumbag with her fists.

But things were not as bad as Xiao Bingfeng thought. Lin Yun and Mu Xueling were indeed hanging out. Besides, the most discussed topic was the way of rhythm.

In the past, people came and went in a hurry, and it was difficult to take a leisurely look at the scenery. Occasionally, when I looked back, I found that Mu Xueling did have a rare beauty of tranquility.

Among the many women Lin Yun knew, this one was the only one without a semicolon.

“That is?”

When he came to the tomb mountain, Lin Yun saw the Dragon Goddess again. She regained her youth, her white hair turned into black silk, and her cultivation level even returned to the imperial realm.

Mu Xueling said: “The Holy Master has recovered her injuries. She is very peaceful now. Every day when the sun goes down, she will come to sit in front of the Southern Emperor’s tomb.”

Lin Yun breathed a sigh of relief.

Said: “I’m actually quite guilty. If I can, I don’t want to cut her off from the demigod realm.”

This is the truth!

The strength of the Dragon Empress and the semi-god realm is a great help to Kunlun.

But the Empress insisted on fighting to the end, Lin Yun had no choice.

Lin Yun didn’t stay long in Tianxiang Shenshan, only stayed for one night, and left with a lingering fragrance.

“Why is your body so fragrant?” Xiao Bingfeng asked suspiciously.

Lin Yun pretended to be stupid: “Is there?”


Xiao Bingfeng said firmly: “You must have done something bad without telling me, woo woo woo, scumbag, and you said you didn’t do anything.”

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go back to Jianzong.”

Lin Yun had no choice but to give a wry smile, consoling him all the way.

He met Ye Ziling and others in Jianzong Lin Yun, and he handed over his remaining ten thousand year holy medicine and many natural materials and earth treasures to Ye Ziling and Zhao Yan and others.

And his own understanding of the way of the sword, which was passed on without reservation.

After seeing Ye Guhan, he handed over the picture scroll and two seals to the other party, and Ye Guhan put them away carefully, with a complicated expression on his face.

“Where’s Senior Brother Feng Jue?”

Lin Yun asked curiously.

He saw it with other brothers in Jianzong, including Jian Jingtian, but he didn’t see Feng Jue.

Ye Guhan smiled and said: “Don’t you know yet? Junior brother Feng Jue became a saint, and he mastered the seventh-grade sword intent as soon as he became a saint.

“Master took him by his side and taught him personally. Hehe, what Master said back then is indeed true. Junior Brother Feng Jue is a late bloomer. I think he will become a great sage soon.”

Lin Yun was startled for a moment, then smiled and said, “I finally got something on my mind.”

“By the way, where are my two mistresses?”

Lin Yun suddenly remembered something, and said with a smile, “How did Master deal with it?”

Ye Guhan blinked and said with a smile, “Guess?”

“How could I have guessed that.” Lin Yun smiled wryly.


Ye Guhan knocked on Lin Yun’s head, and said with a smile: “Don’t ask too much about the rest, just make up your mind, we can’t talk about Master’s private affairs.”

Lin Yun covered his head and smiled, “Then what about my cheap master?”

Ye Guhan said: “Long Yun, he has gone to Shenlong Tianxu. He wants to avenge his shame overseas and find his chance to become emperor by the way.”

In the end, after Lin Yun stayed in Jianzong for three days, he went to Tiandaozong together with Ye Guhan.

Revisiting the old place, Lin Yun felt a lot of emotion.

The story of Da Qingtian suddenly seemed like a dream when he thought about it now, giving him an unreal feeling.

Ye Guhan blinked and said with a smile: “What’s wrong? Our saint killer doesn’t remember what he did in Tiandaozong.”

Lin Yun retorted: “I’m really not.”

“Hahaha, don’t refute, Ye Guhan peeked at the saint’s bath, the whole Tiandaozong remembers it.”

“It really has nothing to do with me, I haven’t peeked at it.”

“I still said no, I asked Bai girl later, it was you, when you were looking for the Sun Moon God Rune, you stayed at the bottom of the water all the time.”

“What Ye Guhan did has nothing to do with me, Lin Yun, brother, don’t slander me!”

“Gah, you are so shameless!”

The two talked and laughed, and came to Feiyun Peak, where Daoyang and Bai Shuying were both, and they had been trying to call back the Renhuang Sword.


After a brief greeting, Lin Yun stepped forward and asked.

Bai Shuying said: “This man Huang Jian has a too tempered temper. He not only refuses to come back with us but also teases us. He is so mad.”

Daoyang said helplessly: “It was just playing with us, we found it on purpose, and then took us around, making us very embarrassed by it.”

Lin Yun said with a smile: “Okay, I’ll clean it up. Last time I saw that I looked like a grandson, so bold.”

The last time he saw this man Huang Jian, the other party was so scared that he didn’t dare to let Lin Yun approach him at all.

In the wonderland of Feiyun Peak Nine Heavens, Lin Yun crossed his knees and closed his eyes, and when the nearby formation was activated, his soul would come out of his body and wander into the sky.

Not long after, on a barren planet outside the territory, I saw the Human Emperor Sword.

Sensing Lin Yun’s presence, Renhuangjian was startled for a while and flew up into the air, ready to flee without even thinking about it.

But time has passed, and Lin Yun’s current strength does not allow him to be presumptuous.

“Leave it!”

Lin Yun waved his hand, the sword was accidentally released, and the Renhuang sword was immediately knocked back.

“Why are you running? Why are you so afraid of me!” Lin Yun stepped forward and asked, this sword must be psychic and has the ability to communicate with him.

Ren Huangjian said helplessly: “I’m not afraid of you, I’m afraid of the sword in your body.”

“Huh? Can you perceive my body?”

“Nonsense, I am Human Emperor Sword, so I can naturally sense what’s going on with your body on Feiyun Peak.”

“You recognize this sword?”

“Nonsense, no one recognizes the Fuxi sword. My human emperor sword can only be king in Kunlun, but your Fuxi sword can be the king in the entire universe. It is a peerless and fierce sword that once smashed through hell.”

“Back then, the Azure Dragon God Ancestor attacked and killed the owner of this sword, but he couldn’t subdue this sword. You’d better not let it come out, otherwise you will be the first to kill.”

After listening to Ren Huangjian’s words, Lin Yun realized that what Azure Dragon God Ancestor said to him back then was correct.

The god ancestor used this sword to successfully reincarnate him in his previous life, and let the sword pass through two swords at a specific time.

Fusion of Kunlun and Earth’s Lin Yun’s soul, but this is a sword of disaster, even Ren Huangjian is afraid.

“Why don’t you want to go back? The Kunlun catastrophe is approaching, and it’s time for your Human Emperor Sword to return.”

“Damn, we’re waiting for you, otherwise we wouldn’t have the time to tease those two little dolls.”

Half a quarter of an hour later, Lin Yun opened his eyes with a smile on his face, and both Daoyang and Bai Shuying looked happy.

“It’s done?”


Before Lin Yun could reply, a beam of sword light pierced the sky and landed on Feiyun Peak. The ancient aura of human emperor permeated the air, and the entire Tiandao Sect trembled violently.

As soon as Lin Yun stretched out his hand, he grabbed the hilt of the sword. The power of the sword exploded on his body, and he had the majesty of a human emperor.

“Hey, you’re still angry with the young master, don’t let go, I’ll play with it.”

The Renhuang sword sensed the coercion of the Fuxi sword, and the opponent seemed to want to break it, but in this Kunlun world, the Renhuang sword was really not afraid of it.

rub rub rub!

At the same time, all the swords of Tiandaozong flew towards this place, and they all bowed down under the pressure of Human Emperor’s sword.

clang clang!

In the end, the most mysterious Heavenly Sword and Dao Sword in the entire Eastern Wasteland also came in streams of light, and the two sword bearers knelt on one knee.

“Meet the Emperor!”

The Great Sage Qianyu led the Lord of the Peaks to pay homage, his expression was extremely excited, Tiandaozong finally had another emperor.

“Meet the Emperor!”

Without any hesitation, Daoyang and Bai Shuying knelt on one knee and bowed their hands in salute.

The owner of the Human Emperor Sword is the suzerain of their Tiandao Sect. This is the ancestral training of Tiandao Sect for hundreds of thousands of years.

“Everyone, be polite!”

Lin Yun loosened the sword and saluted everyone in the four directions.

Whether he likes it or not, Tiandaozong and Jianzong are destined to merge, and they will be the real No. 1 Jianzong in Kunlun in the future.

Ten days later, Lin Yun put the Human Emperor’s Sword in the sword box, and under the watchful eyes of many powerhouses in the Eastern Wilderness, he came to the outskirts of the Burial God Mountain Range.

In the 3009th year of the Shenlong Calendar, Lin Yun carried the hope of the people of the world and entered the bottom of the Burying God Mountain Range with his sword box on his back.

Two years later, Lin Yun leveled the entire Burying God Mountain Range, and he walked out of it with a sword box on his back.

No one knows exactly what happened to him, only that the demon energy in the Burying God Mountain Range has completely disappeared, and all the powerful gods who have been banned from the line of demon spirits have been killed.

After spending another year, UU Reading www.www.SonicMTL.com Lin Yun recast the Nine Great Heavenly Roads, and the Kunlun Realm immediately underwent tremendous changes. Many powerful people in the Emperor Realm discovered that the aura of heaven and earth had changed.

The top of Mount Tai in the Kunlun realm.

Lin Yun stood on it, and in front of him was the road to the sky, which can lead directly to the outside world.

He has communicated with his old friend from Kunlun, and now he is really leaving. Yue Weiwei and Ji Zixi are waiting for him.

He was sure that his child had already arrived in Tianhuang Realm, and Lin Yun wanted to meet him very much.

“My lord, it’s time to light up the prayer lamps.”


The emperor made a move, and the three thousand prayer lamps hanging on the sacred parasol tree floated up on the top of Mount Tai at the same time.

Each prayer lamp represents a chance, and each prayer lamp will be covered by the reincarnation pattern to cover time and space, waiting for the arrival of the destined person.

There was only one lamp, Lin Yun did not arrange the reincarnation pattern, and then escorted him all the way with his majestic swordsmanship, and landed in the Qingyun sect where he first stayed in the Xuanhuang Realm, and fell in front of the young sect master.

“It’s time to go, Lin Yun.” Xiao Bingfeng said.

Lin Yun looked at the fluttering prayer lanterns and said, “My lord, I want to make an agreement with Kunlun. If all the three thousand prayer lanterns are found, no matter what kind of difficulties I encounter, I will return to Kunlun.”

Xiao Bingfeng smiled and said, “A promise with a thousand lights?”

“Yes, the covenant of thousands of lights, the covenant between me and Kunlun.” Lin Yun nodded heavily.

In the end, the story of Kunlun Realm belonging to the burial boy ends here, but this burning prayer lamp will inevitably witness a new legend.

On the top of Mount Tai, Lin Yun looked back at Kunlun with a smile on his lips, and then stepped on the road to heaven without hesitation.

I am a person who buries flowers, and I also bury people when I bury flowers.

[End of This Chapter.]

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