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Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 3991 : Take her away!

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Chapter 3991 : Take her away!

“Don’t leave one?” asked Wei Sheng Mo Ran.

“Yes! Your affairs cannot be exposed for the time being. Whether it is a believer of Tianjiu or a fearful one, death is the only destination.” Li Tianming said seriously.

If they are believers, they consider death to be consecration.

If it’s the enemy, they’ll leak the news, and of course, be damned.

So don’t contradict.

“Well…” Wei Sheng

Mo dyed her long hair flying and came to a source of Eternal God. She didn’t even use Li Tianming to pierce a source of Eternal God with the Three Lives Love Sword, and then removed the impurities and turned it into a The purest and shattered phantom gods and bloodline powers are integrated into themselves.

This scene directly made the fanatics more fanatical, and also made the fearful more fearful.

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“Ancestor of the Nine Heavens!”

“The eternal myth…” The

Huantian Divine Race is a family with a twisted temperament, and the birth of this perfect woman undoubtedly magnifies their twist.

Many sources of Eternal God are even eager to come up quickly and become part of the micro-ink dye.


In this way, even if some phantom gods were useless to her, she still carried out Tian Jiu’s destiny like instinct, swallowing up the origins of the Eternal Gods alive.

“She’s ninth, ranked last, so terrifying… This guy, Huang Qi, definitely wants to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger in front of me.” Li Tianming strengthened his belief in not believing in Huang Qi.

It’s okay to coax.

Let her out, absolutely cerebral palsy.

In the end, there were only two phantom gods left in front of Wei Sheng Mo Ran, and that was the old man named Mu Sheng.

They said Qi Jue: “Since you are the ancestor, can you answer us a question before we die!”

“Speak.” Wei Sheng Mo Ran said.

“You are the supreme being of the universe, the myth of immortality, why should you listen to the words of a yellow-mouthed child?”


The ancestors don’t have to fall in love, right? “Li Tianming laughed at the side.

“That wouldn’t be you a flea!” “The two Illusory Gods were furious, and there was a sad feeling that the cabbage was arched by a pig.

“You are wrong .” “Weisheng Moran gently pulled Li Tianming’s arm,” he would be more terrifying than Tianjiu. ”


Hearing her say these words, the two Huantian Protoss were really desperate.

“Ancestor, will you really exterminate the Huantian Clan?” We are all your descendants, are you really ruthless…” They wailed mournfully.

“Without me, would there be you? “Weisheng Moran asked calmly.

” No.” they shuddered.

“That’s it. “Weisheng Moran sighed slightly, “I just took back everything that belongs to me, is it wrong?” ”

“No. They collapsed, “But…”

Before they finished their next sentence, Wei Sheng Mo Ran used a pair of three-life love swords to end their lives first. It can be seen that her lethality is getting stronger and stronger. After

getting them, Wei Sheng Mo Ran turned around, pinched the hem of your skirt lightly, lowered his head and said to Li Tianming: “I just acted like that? ”

“What? Li Tianming was stunned for a moment.

“It’s just playing Tian Jiu.” She said a little embarrassed.

“Oh…” Li Tianming patted his head and smiled awkwardly: “I was scared by you just now, I really thought you were really Tian Jiu.” Wei Sheng Mo Ran shook his head lightly ,

bit his red lips lightly, looked at him with misty eyes, and said slowly, “No, my sisters and I will always be a group of hard-working mortal fishes saved by you on the sun. ”

“Cough cough.” ” Zizhen couldn’t help but rolled his eyes after listening to it.

“Okay.” Li Tianming first nodded earnestly to Weisheng Moran, then pulled her to Zizhen, hooked Zizhen’s shoulder, raised his eyebrows and smiled, “It’s only 300 meters? You’re pretty boring too.”

“It’s a pity that you are not the real Eternal God. Who is boring?” Zizhen said quietly.


Li Tianming’s eyes darkened, it was true that he was shooting himself in the foot.

“The Illusory God Clan has been killed, what about these Orderly Clan?” Zizhen looked at the Chief Dean of the Order Academy.

This is a fifth-order Eternal God.

“Keep it all.” Li Tianming said.

“If you keep it all, I have to watch them every day, it’s very tired, right?” Zizhen bit her red lips, feeling a little unhappy in her heart.

She is making money here, but Li Tianming and the green tea in her eyes are just messing with each other, and she has to increase her work?

“You won’t be tired.” Li Tianming pulled her into his arms and said seriously: “The soul of life ran away and lost all these orderly clans. Now my other two soul beasts can occupy these orderly clans. Now, they will all listen to me in the future.”

“It’s almost…” Zizhen pouted.

“You haven’t figured it out yet, what does this mean?” Li Tianming asked with a smile.

“What?” Zizhen was stunned for a moment, then looked up at him faintly.

“As long as I control it, I only need to leave a few baby souls here, and I can control the Order Clan to continue to send us the Order Ruins and Derivative Ruins, and then completely destroy the passage of the Illusory God Clan… Come, I don’t need you here.” Li Tianming said.

“No…” Zizhen didn’t react for a while, the surprise came a little suddenly, she asked dumbly: “Didn’t you say there are undead eternity? Aren’t you afraid of them coming? Or the soul of life?”

“The undead eternity can’t enter, and Little Six Life Soul, it has lost its foundation here, and can only be beaten when it comes back.” Li Tianming said.


“Come with me!” Li Tianming clenched her shoulders, “You have worked hard for you this time, and in the future, you and Xiaoyu will hum in front of me as two generals. ”

Go away.” Zizhen made him laugh and cry. After scolding, her eyes gradually turned red, but she quickly lowered her head to wipe away the tears.

Li Tianming felt uncomfortable.

It can only be said that the lonely days here have indeed wronged her.

“I won’t let you leave me.” Li Tianming said seriously.

“But you still have the main palace. UU reading www.uukanshu.com” Zizhen bit her lip.

“If you pay attention to first come first served later, you have already jumped the queue. It would be nice to have a sip of soup. Do you still want to rebel and be the rightful palace?” Li Tianming laughed.

“You!” Zizhen grabbed his arm and said sullenly: “Anyway, you are not in the palace, you wait for me, you dare to become a god of the universe, I…”

“How can you do?” Li Tianming asked with raised eyebrows.

“I, I… I’ll drink up the soup first!” Zi Zhen said this in a hurry, her face suddenly turning red.

“Uh.” Wei Sheng Mo Ran didn’t expect that she dared to say so directly.

Not to mention, it’s kinda cute.

At this time, Bai Ling and Bai Ye’s soul sweep had already arrived at the headmaster’s side.

“Scrape down the order market and derivative market of these nine gods first, and then you can set off.”

With this wave of top-level derivative markets, Li Tianming’s path to the Eternal God has finally been leveled.

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