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Chapter 3240 : Finale.

In the hall.

Lin Xun held a newly born baby girl in his arms, with a gentle smile on his brows and eyes.

“Father, Tang Jiang said that the name of this little girl should be decided by you.” On the

side, Lin Fan said with a smile.

Lin Wenjing and his wife also watched with a smile.

Lin Hengyun, Lin Henglan and other nine brothers and sisters are also looking at Lin Xun, their eyes are full of curiosity, and their expressions cannot hide their excitement.

Xiazhi and Wushuang stood on the other side of Lin Xun.

Lin Xunlue thought for a while, and said, “Let’s call it Hengyuan.” In the

swaddle, although the baby girl had just been born, she already had clear brows and bright eyes. When Lin Xun read the word “Hengyuan”, She actually cried out in a milky voice, as if she was extremely happy.

This is also normal.

After all, this little girl is not the descendant of ordinary people. She has the blood of Lin Fan and Tang Jiang flowing in her body. She can be said to be a natural talent.

As for Lin Xun’s Taoism, when it was named, an invisible force of destiny had already poured into this little girl’s body.

“Hengyuan, good name!”

Lin Fan called out.

“Your father’s name is so ugly, how dare you say it?” Zhao Jingxuan laughed.

Everyone could not help laughing.

On this day, Lin Xun’s return caused a sensation in the Lin family, and the news spread immediately, and it was known by the cultivators of Yuanjiao, Ji’s, Yuanshi Daozong and so on living in the city of God of Fortune.

For a time, it caused a great sensation!

In the following time, the city of Good Fortune and even the entire Ruins of Good Fortune in all eras and worlds also learned the news of Lin Xun Zheng Dao’s return, which caused great waves in the whole world.

Lin Xun!

In today’s world, looking at the heavens and the world, who would dare to forget the power behind this name? However, no one knows

about Lin Xun’s deeds in Zhongmiao Dao Ruins .

Otherwise, the sensation caused by it is destined to be no small matter.

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Three months later.

The City of Fortune, the Lin family.

In a hall, Lin Fan frowned slightly, “I don’t know who leaked the news, so that in today’s Ruins of Fortune, the power of the Protoss of each era civilization already knows that father will marry Aunt Xiazhi in a month. It ‘s over.”

Recently, the City of Fortune has become more lively than ever, and I don’t know how many big people have come, all of them are looking forward to it, waiting for the day when Lin seeks marriage.

Even some old antiques who have been in retreat for an unknown number of years have come.

Tang Jiang on the side said warmly, “Husband, what kind of person is your father, his every move will definitely attract the attention of the world, not to mention, marriage and other major events, even if you want to hide it, you can’t hide it.”

Lin Fan smiled bitterly, “Father originally He said, keep a low profile and only invite some relatives and friends to the wedding banquet, but now… I’m afraid it won’t work.”

“This matter, of course, can’t be done too easily.”

Suddenly, Zhao Jingxuan walked in, “When you were a teenager, you were on the summer solstice. Auntie is by your father’s side, and now that the two of them have finally achieved a positive result, I’m also very happy, since the news has been leaked, I might as well make this wedding better.”

Lin Fan was surprised and said, “Mother, you Are you not jealous at all?”

Zhao Jingxuan snorted coldly, “What do you know, don’t talk nonsense, you will handle this matter yourself, if you do it poorly, I won’t be able to spare you!”

He turned around and left . .

Tang Jiang pursed his lips and smiled, “Husband, the next few days will depend on your ability.”

Lin Fan stood up and said, “I’ll go find a helper right now.”

On the same day, Lin Fan visited Yuan Feiling, Dugu Yong, Fang Daoping, Ji Wangtu and Ji Wangtu respectively. Ji Xi, Ji Shanhai and others, as well as his father Lin Xun’s friends, such as Ahu, Lao Ha, Alu, Da Hei Bird and so on.

Knowing Lin Fan’s intention, everyone happily agreed.

And as time passed day by day.

In the city of God of Fortune, it is almost overcrowded, and there are some terrifying figures everywhere, all of which are big figures from various eras in the Ruins of Fortune.

Moreover, everyone arrived early and carefully prepared gifts.

However, the embarrassing thing is that not everyone can get the wedding stickers of the Lin family.

Even the patriarch of a Protoss family has exhausted all means, but it is extremely difficult to get it.

But no one gave up and kept waiting. Even if they couldn’t attend the wedding banquet, at least they had the opportunity to see how many supreme figures would be involved at the beginning of this wedding banquet.

It should be noted that with Lin Xun’s current status, he can be regarded as the number one person in the heavens and the world, an unparalleled existence.

How could it be unusual to be able to participate in his role at the wedding banquet?

In the eyes of those big men, this is not so much a wedding banquet by Lin Xun, but rather a grand event that attracts the attention of the whole world!

The wedding day has finally come.

On this day, auspicious clouds were blooming in the sky above the city of God of Fortune, and auspicious clouds were blooming. A sound like the sound of the heavens sounded, like a phoenix cry, like a morning bell drumming, floating in the heaven and earth, revealing a joyful and festive atmosphere of freedom.

The entire God of Fortune City was bathed in such a festive and peaceful atmosphere.

The cultivators gathered in the city were all alarmed, and all kinds of extraordinary visions gathered together to outline a grand scene of world-wide splendor, which made them all have the urge to worship.

At this time, the Fangcun Secret Realm was also completely new.

A large hall in the central place is decorated with lanterns and red carpets.

In front of the hall, there is a huge arch, which is completely derived from the auspicious clouds of the avenue.

If you cultivate in it, it is no different from obtaining a great opportunity and great fortune. Now, the function of this arch is actually very simple. It is used to welcome guests…

Many figures are already waiting there.

There are members of the Lin family headed by Lin Wenjing and his wife, such as Lin Zhong, Lin Huaiyuan, Lin Xuefeng and so on.

Next to them are Xuan Jiuyin, Jin Tianxuanyue, Su Bai and Gu Xi and his wife, Ahu, Daheiniao, Alu, Xiaotian, Jiu Jiu, Lao Ha, Zhen Ling Xiao Wu, Jian Ling Ye Zi and other Lin Xun that year. ‘s friends.

People like Yu Beidou, Chu Feng and others from the Lingwen Master Commune of the Ziyao Empire, a group of teachers from Qinglu College, Jin Yutang Gu Yanping, Gu Liang and his son, Shi Dingzhai Shi Yu, Shi Linlang and his son, are also among them. .

On the other side are Xuan Feiling, Dugu Yong, Fang Daoping, Yuan Wutian and others of Yuanjiao.

The figures of the ancient and desolate regions, such as the Emperor Wushangzhan, Xingjia Holy Buddha, Darkblood Emperor, Mingzi, etc., were also present. These relatives and friends have lived in this divine city many years ago, and they have been busy with Lin Xun’s marriage since this time.

And today, they will witness this world-famous wedding with their own eyes!

As the time goes.

The entire venue has been arranged, and from the inside out, it is magnificent and splendid.

Lin Fan and Tang Jiang stood outside the hall with their children, ready to welcome guests.

Lin Fan’s nine children are: the eldest son Lin Hengyun, this son Lin Hengxiao, the third daughter Lin Hengjue, the fourth daughter Lin Hengshan, the fifth son Lin Hengqiu, the sixth son Lin Hengxue, the seventh son Lin Hengfeng, the eighth daughter Lin Henglan, and the nine-character Lin Hengdu.

Of course, the youngest Lin Hengyuan is still in swaddling.

It can be said that at today’s wedding ceremony, the relatives and friends of the Lin family who have been traveling all year round have all come back a few days in advance.

No one dares to neglect.

Auspicious clouds are blooming, Ruixia is transpiring, Shen Xi hangs down from the blue sky, the bright Dao light competes with the sun and the moon, and the sound of the Dao sound drifts across the heavens and the earth, bathing the square inch of the secret world in a sacred atmosphere.

As the time drew nearer, the lively atmosphere at the venue gradually disappeared and was replaced by a solemn and solemn atmosphere. “The auspicious time is coming—!”

Suddenly, Xuan Feiling spoke in a deep voice, and the sound spread to nine days and ten places.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

One after another, the bells rang out, shaking the world, a total of nine times.

All of a sudden, everyone inside and outside the venue all looked solemn and solemn.


Xuan Feiling announced.

One sentence, two words, but through the square inch secret world, resounding over the entire city of God of Fortune.

At this moment, the entire city of God of Fortune fell silent, and the countless cultivators scattered in the city held their breaths, knowing that this world-renowned wedding ceremony would begin at this moment!

And in the secret world of square inches.

As Xuan Feiling announced the welcome, there was a sudden fluctuation in the world.

A stalwart figure appeared, with a clear appearance, like a ruler sitting high above the nine heavens, and he was Bodhi, the master of square inches!

Behind him were forty-nine heirs of Fangcun, including Emperor Douzhan, Zhongqiu, Ruosu, and Lingxuanzi.

When they appeared, there was a commotion in the field, and I don’t know how many big people were shocked.

Fangcun Mountain!

Who can’t know, this is where Lin Xun’s division is?

And now, even the supreme being like the Master of Fangcun is here in person, how can it not surprise people?

Bodhi glanced around and said with a smile: “It’s really lively.”

Behind him, all the heirs also laughed.

On the way here, they had already seen the movement caused by the little junior brother’s wedding ceremony.

Soon, the void was rolling again.

Yuanchu, the founder of Yuanjiao, and Xuyin, the founder of Lingjiao, together with Dusou and the old priest, brought Xingjianxia, ​​Fu Nanli, Ren Futian and other old monsters to show their figures.

There was another sensation in the field, like Xuan Feiling and Dugu Yong, they were all shocked, because even they did not expect that the two ancestors of Yuanchu and Xuyin arrived with a group of ancestors.

This surprised them too much, and they were also very pleasantly surprised, and they rushed forward to greet them.

The field was already boiling, and more than a few people were dumbfounded.

Even many people in the Lin family had been kept in the dark before, and had no idea that at this moment, those great powers that only existed in legends would come one after another.

Only Lin Fan smiled.

These things are all handled by him. Naturally, he knows that it is not only Fangcunshan and the seniors of Yuanjiao and Lingjiao who are here this time.

Before long, there was a ripple in the void.

Someone else came.

This time, there are only two people.

But when they arrived, the audience was silent, and all eyes were attracted.

The people who came were actually Chen Xi and Chen Linkong.

Bodhi, Yuanchu, Xuyin and others all stepped forward to greet him in person.

And those who didn’t know the identities of Chen Xi and Chen Linkong couldn’t help being shocked when they saw this scene, realizing the extraordinary identities of those who came.

Today was Lin Xun’s wedding ceremony, so after arriving, no matter if it was Chen Xi, Chen Linkong, or Bodhi, Yuanchu, Xuyin and other bigwigs, they all restrained their auras without any terrifying power.

But even so, when they saw them appear, they still gave people a sense of depression and trembling from the depths of their souls.

And Lin Hengyun and other brothers and sisters had already stayed there, and their hearts were churning. Only then did they realize how powerful their grandfather was.

Everything I have seen these days is far less shocking than the scene in front of me.

Especially when they learned the origins of those big bosses from their father Lin Fan, they all had an unreal feeling of dreaming.

And looking at the others present, the same is true.

The reason is that since Lin Xun returned to the City of Creation, he hardly mentioned anything in the Sea of ​​Destiny and the Ruins of Wonderful Dao.

So much so that they didn’t realize until now that Lin Xun’s power is far from the same when he left back then!

After Chen Xi, Bodhi and the others arrived, they also brought their own congratulatory gifts, one after another of divine treasures that they had never heard of before, which brought shocks to the wedding ceremony scene again and again.

The value of those gift lists was completely beyond the imagination of many people present.

Just taking out one of them is enough for any Eternal Protoss to dare to have it!

“Now, the wedding ceremony begins.”

Xuan Feiling only spoke aloud after all the guests were present.

Immediately, the bells and drums rang in unison, the sounds of nature drifted, and the heaven and earth filled with auspiciousness.

Under all the gazes, a pair of figures walked out of the central hall, and all the minds were attracted.

Today’s Lin Xun is dressed in red groom clothes.

Beside him, there is a phoenix crown and a beautiful summer solstice.

A newlywed couple was standing on the steps of the main hall. The sky was overflowing with Shen Xi, the sound of Taoism was wafting, and the bells and drums were ringing in the distance.

This picture is destined to become a brand that will never be erased in the memories of everyone present, and it is worth remembering for a lifetime.

The wedding ceremony was held under the auspices of Bodhi, the master of square inches, in the presence of all relatives and friends.

Then, the wedding feast begins.

The lively atmosphere lasted for a full day.

Lin Xun didn’t know how many glasses of wine he had drank and how many friends he had talked to one by one. He only felt that the day seemed to be not unhappy at all.

On this day, he is not like a supreme ruler who has set foot on the road of life, but is like the most common groom in the world, enjoying the unique joy of this day to the fullest.

Way back.

Love to love.

that night.

In the wedding room, the red candles are in the tent, and the atmosphere is quiet.

On the summer solstice wearing a fiery red phoenix crown, Qiao Shengsheng sat upright in front of the bed, her beautiful and beautiful snow-white face was indescribably glamorous under the shadow of the lamp, and even her clear star-like eyes glowed with intoxicating brilliance.

In the quiet room, she and Lin Xun were the only ones left, and all the sounds from the outside seemed to disappear all of a sudden.

Lin Xun stepped forward and sat beside Xiazhi. The latter’s eyelashes trembled slightly, as if he finally realized what was going to happen next, and he couldn’t help but whisper, “Lin Xun…”

Before he could finish speaking, the pink lips were blocked.

What happened next, the beauty and mystery, is no longer enough to be understood by outsiders.

the same night.

There are bright lights everywhere, and the sound of conversation and drinking is endless.

The guests who came to participate in the wedding banquet this time are still staggering and laughing at Yanyan.

In a temple built on the side of a mountain, the atmosphere is calm.

Zhao Jingxuan held Lin Hengyuan, who was already asleep, in his arms, and said softly, “Miss Xuanyue, I told you earlier, if you want, I will tell my husband. It’s been so many years, I believe she should have known about you long ago. On

one side, Jin Tianxuanyue, dressed in white with picturesque eyebrows, trembled slightly in her heart, and then shook her head, “Sister, no need, as long as I stay by your son’s side, I am satisfied.”

Zhao Jingxuan sighed in his heart, ” The most incomprehensible thing in this world is perhaps the one word of love, such as my generation of cultivators, who can completely cut off the emotions and desires in their hearts?”

She was full of pity for Jin Tian Xuanyue.

“Sister, cultivating the Tao is also cultivating the mind. I was a Taoist servant next to the son, and I have already thought clearly that I will never marry in this life.”

Jin Tianxuanyue said with a smile, and there was no trace of sadness on her beautiful face.

Zhao Jingxuan snorted, then smiled and said: “If there is a father, there must be a son, this guy Fan’er is not enlightened. Over the years, I don’t know how many women have fallen in love with him, but they only favor Tang Jiang. One.”

Jin Tianxuanyue couldn’t help but smile.

the day after the wedding.

Chen Xi, Chen Linkong, Bodhi and other great experts left one after another, and the other guests also left.

At this time, what happened at the wedding ceremony was also spread to the outside world, which caused an unknown amount of sensation for a while.

“Senior Lin Xun’s Daoism is now the best in the world, right?”

“It must be the case, otherwise, at this wedding ceremony, how could so many supreme figures come to congratulate in person?”

“The Lin family is so fortunate. !”

… the world of the God of Creation and the Ruins of Creation are all discussing matters related to this wedding ceremony.

Later, the news spread to the Nine Heavens of the Eternal True Realm, the Great Thousand Worlds, the Ancient Starry Road, etc., which also caused a lot of uproar.

Years go by, year after year.

Lin Xun has been staying at Lin’s house, enjoying family happiness.

Outside the Ruins of Creation, in the Lingwu Era World, which includes countless world planes such as the Eternal True Realm and the Great Thousand World, an aura of catastrophe is quietly permeating the void.

“The calamity of the era is coming!”

In all the worlds in this world, I don’t know how many people with supernatural powers noticed the clue for the first time, and they couldn’t help but panic and feel uneasy.

“This…how can I do this?” I do

n’t know how many cultivators were confused.

Once this kind of catastrophe comes, there is absolutely nowhere to hide, nowhere to hide, because all living beings in this world are in the civilization of the Lingwu era.

And when the calamity of the era comes, no one can escape whether it is a cultivator or an ordinary person.

“This is life, the cycle of heaven, and the catastrophe in this world, no one can be spared…”

Some hearts were dead.

“Didn’t you see that there are supreme beings as powerful as Lin Xun, and they are all dormant in the ruins of good fortune, and the billions of millions and small characters like me in this world are destined to inevitably lose their souls, with the destruction of this era. And perish…”

Someone sighed.

But on this day, a thought resounded in the heavens and the worlds of the Lingwu Era: “Today, it’s up to me, Lin Xunlai, to change the robbery.

” boundary.

At this moment, all beings in the world felt something, they all stopped their movements and looked at the sky, their expressions were solemn and pious, as if they were washed by an invisible force.

And those with great supernatural powers suddenly discovered at this moment that this calamity of the era that was accumulating, I don’t know when it started, it disappeared without a sound and could no longer be felt.

However, what is different from the past is that in the Zhou Tiandao of the Lingwu Era, there is a mysterious power of rules that makes all the gods tremble!

That’s Lin Xun’s own aura!

In order to establish a heart for the world, establish a life for the people, and create peace for the world!

“Senior Lin Xun, he… He actually resolved the calamity of the era, re-interpreted the order of the Zhoutian, and made all living beings in the world escape from this impending catastrophe!”


“Senior Lin Xun, he also Is it too powerful?”

Countless uproars and shocks sounded in the eternal real world, the great thousand worlds, and the countless universe planes.

No one would have imagined that Fangcunshan’s successor could now defeat the calamity of the Era, set the path for the world, and save all beings from the fire and water!

No one thought that even Zhou Tiandaoze of the Lingwu Era had been detached by Lin Xun, and could only bow his head at his feet!

But soon, in the minds of those with great powers in the world, these memories of Lin Xun disappeared as if they were silently erased.

This caused a lot of doubtful voices, but he can’t think of it again after breaking his head.

As for the billions of beings in this world, it is not clear what happened from beginning to end.

“Dao is invisible and nameless, so it is everywhere. If there are traces of my Lin Xun, it will be inferior…”

Lin Xun, who was lying in the rocking chair in the secret world, smiled and drank a glass of wine.

Not far away, a baby was toddler, falling every now and then.

Xia Zhi watched from behind, his eyes filled with tenderness.

This is her and Lin Xun’s child. From the moment of birth, it has become another light in her world besides Lin Xun.

The whole book is finished.

In the evening, I will write another testimonial after finishing this book, to talk about my feelings, and also to talk about the things that everyone cares about the most about Tianjiao and the new book.

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