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Rise Chapter 1: The Upright Teenager Living With The Female Anchor Fiction.

Huya TV live broadcast platform, a small live broadcast room with only 60 or 70 people on the League of Legends channel.

What is going on on the live screen is a qualifying match for the Ionia Golden Section of Telecom Zone 1. In the first view of the field, the ADC (remote physical output hero) Vayne in the blue side is the female anchor. Under the frantic operation of “Suhang Yexue”, he worked hard to make up for A soldier on the lower line.

However, there is ADC harassment with a long attack range like “Picheng Policewoman” on the opposite side, which makes Wei En’s supplementary knife more difficult, and her own HP is also consumed in various ways, which is obviously a very passive and disadvantageous situation.

Immediately, dozens of water friends and viewers in the live broadcast room began to complain about the barrage:

“Hey, the anchor, can you?”

“Wayne really needs to operate, how about your operation, anchor?”

“That ‘s it. Are you embarrassed to be an anchor, is it funny?”

There were only six or seven barrages floating past on the live broadcast screen, all of which were mocking or despising the anchor’s remarks, and in the lower right corner of the live broadcast screen, there was a small screen with a camera. On the window screen, a 24-5-year-old beautiful woman with long hair and ponytails who looks quite refreshing bit her lip and did not speak, and continued to operate her own Wei En in a muffled voice:

the barrage continued to ridicule, and even began to say, “Female anchor. If you don’t have the strength, it’s better to sell meat”, “It’s better to show your chest and legs for a reward” and so on.

Su Xue saw such a barrage message, her face turned slightly red with anger, and she clenched her silver teeth tightly so that she couldn’t hold back from squirting with these abominable Huya audience, but in fact she was already extremely angry:

she was dignified When did the beautiful Su Xuesu suffer from this kind of anger?

If you don’t really want to be a game anchor, where do you need to be so patient?

At this moment, there was a knock on the door from the living room outside the room.

who is here at this time?

Su Xue was a little puzzled, but she was eager to get rid of this group of hateful water friends for a while. She quickly got up after a hasty explanation, wearing cool little hot pants, a pair of long white and slender legs, and a pair of pink bear slippers, she walked towards the living room. Walk quickly.

When she came to the door next to the living room, Su Xue opened the door and saw a mature beauty in her early thirties standing at the door with a big boy under twenty years old.

“Sister Chu? Why are you here?”

Su Xue was slightly surprised, and then suddenly thought of something and seemed to be nervous: “Is it about the rent…I’ve been thinking of a way recently, and I’ll definitely be able to put these three The monthly rent

has been paid–” The mature beauty called Sister Chu laughed and waved her hand generously: “Don’t worry, Sister Chu didn’t come to urge you for rent today-”

Su Xue breathed a sigh of relief. Then his eyes fell on the boy next to Sister Chu: “Who is this?”

In Su Xue’s eyes, the little boy in front of him was quite handsome, and his hair was so messy that he couldn’t help but want to rub his face a few times. He seemed to be a little shy on the top – it was a good look, a piece of fresh meat, Su Xue commented in her heart.

“Sister Chu”, whose full name is Chu Yishu, was stunned, she pulled the boy beside her forward and began to introduce:

“Oh, this is my nephew~ Lin Feng, come here to meet this beautiful sister, her name is Su Xue is also a tenant here~”

(also?) Su Xue

keenly caught this key word, but she didn’t have time to think about it. Reaching out his hand: “Lin Feng, right? Hello.” The big boy under the age of 20 also reached out and shook Su Xue politely and politely: “Oh, Sister Su, you are fine too.” Su. big. sister. For a moment, the smile on Su Xue’s face froze. (Eldest sister, your sister, the old lady is twenty-four years old, and she is still a youthful age like a flower like jade. What is the big sister, does she have eyes and can she speak!!?) Su Xue roared furiously in her heart. Impressions plummeted directly to negative points!

On the side, Chu Yishu couldn’t help but burst into laughter: “Hahaha, Feng, you can’t call your sister Xue like that, can you, your sister Xue is a beautiful woman, not a ‘eldest sister’.”

Chu Yishu said Looking at Su Xue, he still explained his apology with an unstoppable smile on his face: “Xiao Xue, I’m sorry, our A Feng is not very good at speaking… After you two get along for a long time, you will get used to it, in fact, his personality It ‘s pretty good—”

Su Xue was about to nod her head to show her understanding, but her eyes suddenly widened: “Get along? Sister Chu, what do you mean by that?”

Chu Yishu explained lightly, “Oh, A Feng transferred to Momo this year. He’s in the third year of high school here. His mother didn’t worry about letting him live alone in the school dormitory or outside, so she told him to me. It just so happened that this house on your side is not two bedrooms and one living room. You rented one room and the rest This is just enough for him to live in.”

Su Xue was about to be shocked.

Co-authoring This is to suddenly put a roommate for yourself? Still a boy?

Suddenly Su Xue discovered that there was a large suitcase outside the door, and even the things had been moved.

At this time, Lin Feng, who was beside Chu Yishu, was still alive and interjected to add:

“Sister Xue, please take care of me in the future.”

(Take care of your sister!)

Su Xue hurriedly pulled Chu Yishu aside, struggling Begging: “Sister Chu… I’ve lived well by myself and I’m used to it, what should I do if you suddenly let me live with a boy…”

Chu Yishu smiled: “Hey, you didn’t just rent it at that time. I have one room, my two-bedroom house, the other room can’t be left empty and wasted all the time, right?”

She then comforted Su Xue: “And don’t worry, our A Feng is still a high school student, and his personality is also different. It’s good, it’s not noisy, and it’s even more impossible to see you like some male tenant outside. You can’t help but move your hands and feet. Oh yes, you are still handsome, and a little fresh meat. If I were ten years younger, I would have to endure it. Can’t stop, you don’t have a boyfriend yet, it’s considered cheap for you to choose!”

Su Xue wanted to cry without tears: “Sister Chu, stop joking with me…”

Seeing that Su Xue was still somewhat resistant to this matter, Chu Yishu resorted to her trump card killer move:

“Well, Sister Chu, I won’t let you suffer, don’t you still owe a month’s rent in front of you? You don’t have to!”

Su Xue choked suddenly, her little heart thumped, and she was obviously confused and hesitant. It seemed that this month’s rent was a big temptation for her, and Chu Yishu struck while the iron was hot: “After that I’ll give you 200 less rent every month!” Well

, under the temptation of naked material, Su Xue gave in and nodded with great difficulty:


Then he looked at Su Xue again, lowered his voice and persuaded bitterly: “I said Xiaoxue, you quit your last job again? It’s hard to find a job these days, you are a girl working hard in the magic capital. , I still have to endure hardships and not be selective…”

Su Xue nodded: “Sister Chu, I know… I also have my own plans. I just opened a live broadcast on a live broadcast platform these few days. The game live broadcast, I want to see if there is a way out of this—”

Having said this, Su Xue suddenly woke up:

“Ah, no, my game live broadcast is still on!!”

Su Xue hurriedly and Chu Yishu in a hurry After apologizing, he rushed back to his room in a hurry.

Chu Yishu shook her head helplessly, then looked at her nephew and told her: “Then A Feng, I will go first, auntie, you can clean up the things and the room yourself. Just call my auntie.”

Lin Feng nodded and waved: “Oh, goodbye, auntie.”


this time, Su Xue had hurried back to her room, sat down in front of the computer screen, and looked at her. Wei En has been staying in her old home since she just returned to the spring. It has been several minutes, and the tower outside her home has also been demolished.

In the chat room panel on the right side of the live broadcast screen, there are a lot of message barrages from the water friends:

“The anchor is messing up? The person is gone?”

“Where is the person?”

“Is it live broadcast?”

Su Xue hurriedly controlled her Wei En out of the spring and hurried to the bottom, and then put on the headset to explain: “I’m sorry… the landlord just came over and there was a delay…”

And right here At that time, Su Xue heard a voice behind him:

“Sister Xue, is there any drink in the refrigerator?”

As soon as Su Xue turned around, she saw that her future roommate, the big boy, was sticking his head out and looking over here. Xueyanlizi twitched and jumped:

“No, if you are thirsty, you can get some water from the water dispenser. There are disposable cups in the living room.”

Lin Feng regretted: “That’s it, but I still want to drink soda.”

Su Xuelizi continued . Jumping: “Then go to the convenience store downstairs and buy it yourself!”

At this time, Lin Feng had already walked into the room, and saw the live game screen on the computer screen in front of Su Xue, surprised: “Sister Xue, do you also play League of Legends? Or the anchor?”

Su Xue took a deep breath and calmly said, “Yeah.”

Lin Feng asked for instructions: “Can I watch you play by the side?”

Su Xue: “…whatever you want.”

Then Lin Feng rudely pulled over to the side. Sitting down in a chair, his eyes focused on the game screen on the computer screen, and through the camera, the dozens of water friends in the Huya live broadcast room also noticed Lin Feng who suddenly appeared on the camera screen:

Who is this?

The water friends were puzzled.

Su Xue looked at the barrage and explained, “Oh, this is my landlord’s nephew.”

Lin Feng waved at the camera: “Hello everyone.

” Click, just sit and watch and don’t talk. UU reading www.uukanshu.com”

Lin Feng scratched his hair: “Oh good.”

A minute later, when he was down, Su Xue’s ADC Wei En was added by the opposite policewoman as an auxiliary hero Thresh cooperated to kill, and the game screen on the computer screen turned into a black and white TV.

“Damn it!” Su Xue slapped the mouse on the mat with an annoyed face, and died again. She couldn’t beat the combination of the opposite policewoman Thresh.

And dozens of water friend viewers began to swipe the barrage again:

“The anchor is really good, this can be killed by force.”

“This operation, the plastic team came up?”

“Hey, what kind of anchor is this level… I It’s better than this.”

Su Xue looked at such a barrage of messages, but she couldn’t refute it. She could only be more annoyed at how she could make such a mistake.

On the side, Lin Feng, who had been quiet for a while, said again:

“Sister Xue, they are all saying that you can play well–”

Su Xue let out a weak “um”, thinking helplessly that this little boy was trying to comfort him. My heart is quite good, but what is the use of comfort at this time…

Before this thought flashed through her mind, Su Xue heard Lin Feng add another comment:

“Oh, I think they are right. It makes sense.”

Su Xue heard the blue veins jumping on her forehead:

“Shut up!”

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